Foodies can learn about fine dining experiences and top restaurants in Las Vegas

Foodies can learn about fine dining experiences and top restaurants in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a foodie’s paradise, as it offers some of the most popular restaurants with a wide range of cuisine styles. For some people, the experience they have at a restaurant can leave a lasting impression of the time spent at their destination, and with Las Vegas, it’s hard to pick a restaurant that could ruin your experience. If fine dining and great food is on the agenda, Starpoint Resort Group is sharing some of the top rated restaurants in the city.

  1. II Mulino New York is home to spectacular dishes from northern Italy that are paired with exceptional wines, and the service is beyond great. It offers some of the best Italian food in Las Vegas, offering small plates bursting with flavor and immersing the patrons in a culinary experience that will make them feel like they are right in Italy. With its authentic food and its traditional Italian deserts, it is a favorite of both visitors and locals alike.
  2. Andre’s at the Monte Carlo, the most honored and awarded restaurant in Las Vegas, offers exceptional, contemporary French cuisine. Starpoint Resort Group believes, the atmosphere blends old world styles with contemporary sophistication, offering several exquisite lounge and dining spaces to turn your meal into an experience to remember.
  3. STRIPSTEAK at Mandalay Bay is everything that’s phenomenal about a gourmet steakhouse with a modernist twist. The contemporary design offers a modern dining experience, and the everyday steakhouse food is elevated with exquisite ingredients, such as steak fries fried in duck fat and macaroni and cheese made with truffles. The selections of meat are also superb, including high quality, all natural Angus, American, and Japanese Kobe meats, giving the restaurant’s patrons the best steakhouse experience.

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Starpoint Resort Group recommends taking a taxi to get to all of your favorite places on the Las Vegas Strip

Starpoint Resort Group recommends taking a taxi and other forms of transportation while in Las Vegas.

Though the Las Vegas Strip isn’t a big place, it can get hectic when it comes to navigating through it. With the sidewalks constantly busy and cars always flooding the streets, getting around could seem like a hassle, but it can be much more simple than it looks. Here are some convenient ways to get around while you’re in Las Vegas that Starpoint Resort Group recommends.

  1. Walking will be the most hassle-free way to travel while in Vegas. Because the strip usually has so much traffic on it, trying to get around in a car can be more trouble than it’s worth. Walking can be most convenient as it won’t include the downtime that can happen because of the traffic on the strip.
  2. Taking a taxi can be faster, and even more cost effective than using a personal vehicle. Parking can be expensive, depending on where the next event on your trip will be taking place, so eliminating that cost by taking a short taxi drive can be efficient. This could be helpful to do when going to a nice restaurant, as getting dirty while in formal attire would be undesirable. Just be aware that taking a taxi at night will lead to even worse traffic jams than there are during the day.
  3. Public transportation can be another helpful way to get around Vegas. With only a $6 payment per 2 hours on the public transit (or $2 for one-way trips), it can be a cost effective way to get around the strip. If walking becomes exhausting and you need to get somewhere for a small cost, this could be a good way to travel within the city.

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Starpoint Resort Group shares that when going on vacation, you need to be prepared. When people visit Las Vegas, there are a wide range of things that they need to keep in mind. When traveling to Vegas this year, make sure to be prepared with these helpful tips.

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Starpoint Resort Group recommends people visit the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood in Vegas

Planet Hollywood offers many features and attractions that are perfect for guests in Vegas, provided by Starpoint Resort Group

While there are many excellent resorts and hotels located on The Strip in Las Vegas, Starpoint Resort Group shares that people should stop in at Planet Hollywood and see everything that this place has to offer. One of the top attractions inside of the resort is the Miracle Mile Shops. This outstanding mall experience has dozens of terrific shops and boutiques, great eateries, and free entertainment. Other notable features of Planet Hollywood include PH Shiver, The Spa by Mandara, the Pleasure Pools, and much more.

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1. Feel like you are in Venice, Italy by stepping into the Venetian and exploring this outstanding resort. The biggest highlight at this resort is the unique manmade canal that has been built throughout the property. Guests can hop onto a gondola and be serenaded by a gondolier as they float down the canal.

2. Check out the great rides at the Stratosphere. These rides are not for the faint of heart, as guests will hover almost 1,000 feet above The Strip and can enjoy a thrilling adventure on one of the four rides that are available. For those who want to experience something different, check out the roller coaster on top of the New York-New York resort.

3. Stroll down The Strip and take advantage of one of the many adventures that you may come across. There are a variety of street performers located on The Strip that are dressed up as famous icons, celebrities, and characters. Starpoint Resort Group says that guests walking by can pose and take a picture with them for a small fee. This makes for a great souvenir to take back home.

4. Go to one of the many shows that Las Vegas has to offer. These performances truly have something to offer for everybody. Whether you are looking for a hysterical comedy act or an amazing magic show full of illusions, Vegas has it all.

5. Place a bet at one of the many casinos located on The Strip. Whether it is playing the penny slots or taking risk with a high stakes games, there is something for everyone. For those who don’t know how to play a game, Starpoint Resort Group shares that there are lessons available for free.

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Starpoint Resort Group Highlights The Mirage Resort in Las Vegas

Starpoint Resort Group Highlights The Mirage Resort in Las Vegas

Starpoint Resort Group knows that while strolling The Strip in Las Vegas, guests can browse through many unique resorts and casinos that boast a wide range of terrific attractions and amenities. While exploring The Mirage this summer, guests need to be sure to check out the outstanding water attraction that is situated in front of the resort. This water feature has a beautiful waterfall, as well as playful dolphin statues that makes for the perfect place to stop and take a picture.

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Starpoint Resort Group knows that when people go on vacation, they are looking to explore new and exciting things that they would not be able to see when back at home. Las Vegas provides great attractions and unique exhibits to the many tourists that come to the area each year. This is just one of the many reasons why Las Vegas is such an ideal location for people who are looking for an unforgettable vacation. Everywhere you look, you will be able to find outstanding features that are unlike anything you have ever seen before. These are some of the top must-see sights when in Vegas.

  • The Auto Collections: Located at The Quads Resort & Casino, The Auto Collections is the World’s Largest Classic Car Showroom. This exhibit is a paradise for car enthusiasts who enjoy classic cars, some of which are a hundred years old.
  • Hand of Faith: The Hand of Faith is located at the Golden Nugget on Fremont Street. This exhibit is a 61 pound golden nugget that was found underground with a metal detector. This golden nugget is the second biggest nugget that has been found and is the first biggest that was discovered by a metal detector.
  • Slotzilla: Starpoint Resort Group says that Slotzilla is a terrific attraction that is located at the Fremont Street Experience. This is the largest slot in the world and not only is amazing to look at, but is a great way to view The Strip. Guests can go ziplining starting from the huge Slotzilla and soar over the street while taking in all of the spectacular views of the city.

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Palazzo Starpoint Resort Group knows that there are many different hotels and resorts that you can find while exploring The Strip in Las Vegas. Guests can stroll in and out of these hotels and check out all the wonderful amenities that they offer. One great resort that visitors should check out this summer is The Palazzo. This accommodation offers up a wide variety of nightlife hot spots, a charity ping-pong tournament, delicious restaurants, and much more.

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Starpoint Resort Group shares that Las Vegas is a completely unique experience that is unlike any other destination around the world. Just on one strip of land, tourists are able to take advantage of world-class shopping, high-end spas and fitness centers, exhilarating casinos, luxurious pools, and much more. The best part is that most of these amenities can be found in just one resort, providing a truly unbeatable experience to guests. One of the best hotels to visit while staying in Sin City is the Paris Las Vegas Resort.

  • Las Vegas Shopping at Paris: The Paris Las Vegas offers two shopping experiences at different promenades in the hotel. While shopping at some of your favorite name-brand stores, you can feel like you are in Paris, with cobblestone streets, art accentuating the French culture, and painted ceilings. Among these stores include boutiques, a home and garden section, a gourmet food shop, and novelty kiosks.
  • Eiffel Tower Experience: Feel like you are in Paris without even leaving The Strip through the Eiffel Tower Experience. Guests can trek up to the Eiffel Tower replica that is 46 stories up and check out magical views of the city. This attraction offers an Eiffel Tower Restaurant, a photo kiosk to capture the perfect moment, and space for weddings and events to be held.
  • Soleil Pool: Starpoint Resort Group states that there is no better way to relax and have an enjoyable time than at the Soleil Pool. This swimming sensation is located right underneath the Eiffel Tower replica and provides outstanding views of The Strip. There is also a Parisian garden, a spa, and a cocktail bar available.

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Starpoint Resort Group states that hotels and resorts in Las Vegas are built to have a plethora of amenities and attractions built right in them. While staying at a hotel, people are virtually in their own little town. They can step outside of their hotel room and enjoy unique attractions, shop at high-end stores, enjoy a day at world-class spas, lounge by luxurious pools, and eat at exquisite eateries. One hotel that is perfect for spending a day at is the beautiful Mandalay Bay. These are some of the top places to check out when visiting this hotel.

  • Dining: While exploring Mandalay Bay, guests are able to stop in a variety of different eateries and restaurants that are perfect for any mood. For a delicious burger that is unlike anything you have ever tasted, go to The Burger Bar where you can select from different meats and gourmet toppings to build the ultimate burger. The Bayside Buffet is the ideal stop for guests who want to select from a wide range of delicious cuisines from around the world.
  • Shark Reef: The Shark Reef is one of the best attractions that you will find in Las Vegas and is a great place for both adults and children. This aquarium boasts over 2,000 animals in over 1.6 million gallons of water. Some popular species include piranhas, jellyfish, giant rays, sawfish, sea turtles, and more.
  • Michael Jackson One: Starpoint Resort Group shares that one of the finest performances on The Strip is Michael Jackson One. This show combines the musical talents of the late Michael Jackson with brilliant performances by members of the Cirque du Soleil team.

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